Game plot: You are a secret agent. You are sent to the three secret object to eliminate the criminals. Kill everyone in unique ways. Stickman is a widespread hero all over the world. A lot of games have already come out with his participation, but they are few. This game is decent because it is made with the mind. Animation, graphics, logic will inspire you to go through this game to the very end. Game features: Time will be enough to think about how you can organize the murder of criminals. Click on different objects and areas next to the criminals so that the finger of fate punishes the criminals. Graphics: Colorful 2D graphics will delight you throughout the game. Sound accompaniment: Each murder is accompanied by interesting sounds. Gameplay: Three locations: a house with rooms, a street with houses and cars, and a beach on an island with a ship. At each location there will be several criminals. You need to kill them. Variety of logical kills will strain your brain. The game has a puzzle arcade genre. Cool animation and ridiculous death of criminals will raise your spirits. The uniqueness of the game is that you do not have to attack enemies yourself, you will need to quietly click on an object or area. For example, it will be necessary to click on the double-decker bed of a sleeping criminal, then the criminal will fall and break. Another criminal will cool off on the toilet, for him to click on the shower, then he will drown in a room full of water. Another criminal will die if you click on the chandelier, the chandelier will fall on your head and kill it. In the game you can turn on the gas so that the smoking person explodes. You can feed the criminal poisoned apple, so that he poisoned and died. You can click on the TV so that the criminal sees the terrible girl and dies of a heartbreak. You can click on the desk lamp to kill the criminal with a current. You can click on the washcloth so that the criminal can be eaten by the monster. You can click on the dove, then the dove will fly on the enemy and the enemy will fall from the roof to death. Click on the roof, then the enemy will fall under the roof and break. You can click on the car, then the car will kill the enemy and a dead enemy with a wheel will fly out of the car and this wheel will kill the enemy standing nearby with a cigarette. In the location with the ship, click on the coconuts, when the enemy climbs on a tree, then the coconut will fall on the enemy's head and the enemy will fall to the death on the sand. Click on the cannon, then the tent will explode with a shot and from this explosion will kill two enemies at once. Click on the cloud, then lightning will kill the enemy and the enemy will fall into the water.



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