"A" - slow down
"D" - speed up
"Space" - jump
"LMC" - throw the knife
"PCM" - teleport to the cursor (if this feature is purchased in the store)

Game Mechanics:
It's simple. Press "Start," jump on the platforms and collect the coins. Press "Shop," and spend coins.
Along the way you are sure to enjoy the graphic design of the game, as well as the music.

Dodge the ice, and at first there is only one kind of "Ice" on the map, and more as the games grow longer.

In the store you can buy "capacity" :D. After purchase the most "ability" appears with this icon.
Beyond that, a "wheel" can turn. To buy the "scroll wheel" ability it is necessary to turn the ability to 12 hours, and press "buy," and to teleport - just click.



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