Castle Brick

The essence of the game:
Gather resources and construct buildings for the night you will inevitably be attacked by monsters!

A, D - movement.
E, MMB - inventory.
LMB - cut trees, rocks and enemies, repair the building. F - action, pick up a resource to open the chest to recruit peasant.

In the inventory, there are layers on top of different types of buildings. Dwellings are for production of food, defense and to store gold.

Simple as purchased, but must be set up carefully.

* If you come to the ordinary villager and press F this means go.
At any building press F and he will begin to work on it.
* Corral the animal to get him food.
* Villagers flee home at night.
* To recruit fighters youll need to go to the barracks with the little man.
* Going to the enlisting soldier and you can order him to stand here (button F)



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