5 nights with a vodka
Your aim to survive in a wine storehouse, use stock in a right bottom corner of the screen. Use it only when you have noticed a phantom which hides in spirits. The owner of a network of alko-markets on a nickname Fiery Biff was not only the thief, but also the inveterate bandit who killed not only the competitors but also their family. The victims it poured spirit, set fire and enjoyed their agonal shouts. But once, this sadist so was fond that itself has got to the trap and has burnt down. Such monsters are necessary to a devil, and it has made Biff a phantom which is installed at night in spirits, recovers them, sticks in a drink of people and pours out excessive quantity of spirit from which the victim perishes. However, the phantom is held down by spirit laws, use it and you save the life.

Available on Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nikitin.nightsn52.android



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